Accessories sourcing

Sourcing  accessories to trendy fashionistas on a budget to give everyday a new look to their outfits and specifically complementing the looks .

Accessorize yourself with MAVENS’ planet accessories sourcing of stylish, chic, and trendy accessories and personals completing any look with a bold fashion statement.

Offering a wide variety of Accessories sourcing like Belts; Wallets; Bags; Coin purses; Scarves; Stoles; Costume jewellery; Eye glass cases; Jewellery Boxes; Caps; Gloves; Soft Toys; Footwear (Shoes, Boots, Slippers, Sandals); Personal care Cosmetics, Fragrances & Make-up; Ear buds; Cotton; etc.

Sourcing Handbags

Sourcing handbags designed for different needs; each with an element of style and purpose thrown into its design. Choose office handbags ranging from embroidered canvas bags and Compact jute bags to classic stitch bags. Bags for every age group including shoulder bags with animal prints, evening bags like exquisite clutch purses, drawstring pouch bags.

Sourcing Scarves

Add a touch of style to any ensemble with scarves at MAVENS’ Planet sourcing services. Sourcing affordable and versatile scarves perfect for workdays, weekends and easy to carry everywhere. Wrap up your style with our outfit-perfecting range of scarves, made from finest quality of wool, cashmere, silk and cotton made in variety of styles as loop scarves, infinity scarves, pashminas, wraps, head scarves, and neck scarf.

Sourcing Jewelry

Jewellery has been the most articulate way of conveying beauty of oneself by women. We source Fashion and Imitation Jewellery in variety of designs, styles, stone type, material and for various occasions. Choose from the largest range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings etc.

Sourcing Men Accessories

Men’s accessories are small add-ons to the outfit. Accessories can be used to personalize your style and make it reflect your personal feeling or a certain type of attitude. Some must have men accessories include belts, wallets, eye glass cases, caps, gloves, footwear (shoes, Boots, slippers, sandals), Personal care cosmetics, fragrances, watches, suit accessories and some jewelry like rings.

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