Arts and crafts are all kids and adults favorite, and it’s because they get to unleash their creativity and experiment with colors, glue, and sometimes glitter. Whether you’re a crafting novice or a total pro, there’s one thing you and your kids need to ensure hours and hours of creativity: a well-stocked supply pantry.

With the right materials, you will have no trouble building a tiny (or huge!) city, putting on a show or making something special for a friend. In fact, it will seem like the possibilities are endless, and they are with art and crafts sourcing by MAVENS’ planet.

Items Every Crafter Needs from art and craft, educational supplies to all stationary sourcing is being done by MAVENS’ to Global buyers successfully now.

Explore our art and crafts sourcing range:-

1- Colored cardstock

Solid-Dyed Core Premium Cardstock Product Features: Acid & lignin free. This item is perfect for making scrapbook or photo booth props. Great weight and vibrant colors at a reasonable cost.

2- Designer paper pads

Designer Paper Pad is a smart choice for people who enjoy arts and crafts projects. Included in this book are 50 sheets of paper featuring 25 unique designs. Each sheet measures 12″ x 12″. Ideal for wrapping, crafting and home decor endeavors. We are Sourcing multiple pad designs.

3- Patterned cardstock

It adds a personal touch to a wide variety of craft and decor projects. Perfect for your one-of-a-kind creations, including scrapbook albums, homemade cards, journals, party decorations, decoupage, home decor, collage art, origami, holiday crafts, gift wrap and more! The possibilities are endless!

4- A2 Card and Envelope

Premium heavyweight cards sourced by MAVENS’ planet to add a personal touch to your crafting and card making projects. Use rubber stamps, stickers, ribbon, charms and more to personalize your one-of-a-kind creations.

5- Pulp Dyed Paper

HEALTHY & ENVIRONMENTAL: Each paper is made of high quality raw pulp. Each sheet made from virgin pulp, stable dyes and sophisticated color matching systems to ensure quality and consistency with strict quality standards as mentioned by Buyer. Ideal for coloring, paper crafts, science projects, presentations, pop-up books and more

6- Scrap Pads

This 1 pound bag of assorted solid-dyed core premium scrap cardstock sourced in different sizes by MAVENS’ planet. Made with acid and lignin free materials, craft paper scraps are photo safe and won’t fade over time. Useful to add designs to existing projects like custom planners, calendars, wall art and much more. This package of scrapbooking supplies makes a strong addition to your collection.

7-Water-based acrylic color Paints

Water-based Acrylic Colors are specifically for brush application, and provide uniform coverage even on difficult-to-cover surfaces, such as metal and plastic. They dries to a durable, waterproof matte finish, with little trace of brush strokes. Non-toxic and odor-free and cleans up easily with water.

8-Fabric marker pens

Sourcing 20 sets of fabric markers set of 6 colors and 12 colors to create a dynamic of color on a whole host of fabrics. Varying from Fine Tips to Bullet Tips. Neon’s to Pastels. Single side to Double side just to name a few.

  • Fine tip for details and outlines.

  • Non-toxic ink.

  • Can be used for stamping, stenciling and more!

9-Fabric Paints

Use the paint on fabrics, textiles, card, class and plastic for an eye catching, vibrant finish.

  • Permanent Ink

  • Easy to use

  • Easy-flow bottle to reduce hand strain and improves precision

  • Machine washable

  • Sourcing in a wide range of colors

10-Craft Glue

Sourcing craft glue that goes transparent after drying, would not affect overall appearance of artistic work. The bottleneck is WAD sealed, to prevent the glue spilling out

Craft Glue is made of safety and reliable materials, acid free and non-toxic, strong adhesive, extra clear transparency. A great choice for wild range of art materials such as paper, wood, display board, fabric. Also used for filling up the small gap

11-Art and craft adhesives

There are actually several different kinds of glue all with different purposes. Because of that, it’s possible that the glue you’ve been using for your project may not be the ideal type for the materials you’re working with. We are sourcing different art and craft adhesives for this purpose:-

Glue Pen

Liquid glue in a pen applicator for easy application.
It is used on small objects and details. Great for creating thin lines.

Glue Dots

This is a solid adhesive in a dot shape. Since these aren’t liquid, they are clean, quick, and easy to apply.
Glue dots are a great adhesive plus they can also create dimension so consider them as a design element as well

Glue Stick

Glue in a solid form that comes in a plastic tube. It is very convenient to stick paper and envelopes with this.

12-Handmade paper and Paper Products

All products are made from sustainable, renewable, recyclable, earth friendly resources. Sourcing a fantastically large range of Beautiful Handmade Papers, which can be custom made as per Customer Requirements. Sourcing a wide range of other paper products also including :-

  • Handmade Paper Bags

  • Handmade Paper Boxes

  • Handmade Paper Notebooks

  • Handmade Paper Stationery

  • Handmade Paper Lamps

  • Handmade Paper Photo Albums

  • Handmade Paper Photo Frames

  • Handmade Paper Stars

13-Plantable paper

Plantable paper  is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers or vegetables and no waste.It is made of Handmade Paper which can be printed upon using Organic Coloring.

Inquire from our vast art and craft products sourcing range and get instant reply from our experts at your service 24×7.