Christmas and Seasonal products

Find an array of Christmas decoration items, patio furniture and lots more that keep you prepared for whole season’s events and celebrations.

  • Christmas Giftables & Socks
  • Christmas Lighting
  • Christmas Trees
  • Holiday Cards & Gift Wrap Accessories

Holy Crosses, T-light holders

  • House Accessories
  • Indoor & Outdoor Decor
  • Nutcrackers, Santa Kings & Angels
  • Ornaments
  • Tree Toppers & Garlands
  • Easter decorations
    •  Halloween decorations
    •  Holiday lights
    •  Party decorations
    •  Party favors
    •  Valentine’s day decoration
  • For getting Christmas merchandise orders are typically placed in January-February and delivery is usually in August/September/October at the latest. If you ask for November delivery the routine answer is that you will not be guaranteed your merchandise – you get whatever is left over which generally means stuff that no one else has been able to sell.
  • MAVENS’ planet sourcing is specialized in SOURCING high quality Christmas products to the buyers since past 10+ years. Our name and reputation is only as good as our people – and we never forget this. It is our ability to listen to buyer’s needs that enables us to provide the right answers. By building a relationship with each and every customer, we develop a clear understanding of their requirements and maintain a position of trust, essential in the business.There are no limits to what we can assist you to source. Whether you want to buy established Christmas products from local markets or wholesalers or prefer to manufacture your own product lines, we can support you. Read our blog for more details.
  • As a Indian sourcing company, we have extensive contacts to ensure that we can provide anything you need for the festive season at reasonable prices and with quality check from MAVENS’ Inspection team.We also  assist in helping with logistics in packaging, transportation and finally shipping your custom made products to their final destination.
  • Specialties: Price Negotiation, Business Consulting, International Logistics, Contract Manufacturing, Product Design & Development, QC Inspection, Manufacturer Liaison, Sourcing, Translation, Retail Packaging, Freight Forwarding, Customs Declaration, Customs Clearance, Cargo Insurance, Quality Control, Product Procurement, OEM, Supply Chain Management, Factory Visiting, Product Development
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