Sourcing agents remains the outcome of a highly energized process of human creativity with its determined spirit to create. The notion of being sourcing agents has always been rich and complex, and it has always had a tinge of romanticism about it. It is about turning aspirations into reality. It is about thinking bigger and bigger. It is about what Shiv Khera quotes in his book You Can Win, “Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently”.

Thoughts are a wonderful reality. The wiser ones in the society would grasp its importance instantly and grab the opportunity earlier than the others. Others, of course, would follow the suit. For sure, MAVENS’ sourcing agents is one such thought; ready to set new benchmarks for strategic sourcing and bringing innovation for the guests!

It is always like that in life, the successful ones seize the opportunity earlier than others. In today’s fast changing world, the ideas, the approach, the philosophy and life styles are in a state of flux. These were some simple thoughts which gave the MAVENS’ team the energy to turn one such thought into reality where hidden potentials, dormant talents, aptitude, interests, expertise, learning’s and aspirations came in from all corners to join hands together in order to form MAVENS’ planet.

I served the organized retail industry for more than 20 years before taking this first step towards turning my thoughts into reality. My exposure and experience has been in the field of sourcing merchandise for some of the top retail giants across the globe. During my tenure of working, I have handled wide range of product categories, retail clients and vendor partners. It’s time now to walk more and more steps towards turning every thought into reality as there is no boundary or limitation to “Think Big, Think High, Think Value and Think Future”.

I compliment all those, who are reviewing these thoughts, as they are already on their way to win the hearts of their guests and establish themselves as the one-stop solution for all their needs. I wish them all success and joy in their career, in their profession and in their life. I also congratulate all those who are richly contributing to the concept of Organized Retailing and thus helping the society, the employees, the guests and the humanity as a whole. They will always be remembered for their contribution to the society.

Raji J.