third Party Inspection ServicesThird Party Inspection Services
MAVENS’ planet provides an in-depth Third Party Quality Inspection Services for it’s clients. An Inspection at various stages of production and shipment is of utmost importance for ensuring the client stipulated quality standards. We are simply scintillating for Inspection services and catering to clients all over the world. We follow strict AQL levels at all stages of Order processing, be it Raw-material Inspection, Pre-Production, In-line Inspection, Du-Pro, Random Inspection or Final Inspections. We help global retailers, Importers, Traders, Manufacturers to assess the real Quality of their products, ultimately leading to Improved Product Quality, Reduction in end-user complaints, No Non-compliance and Product recalls.

Quality Audit
MAVENS’ planet Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms. Such assessments are often tailor-made as per a client’s needs and requirements. By availing of this service, we eliminate the need for a client to be present on-site at the manufacturer’s plant or factory.
The Service Proceeds in Following Steps

  • Quality Planning
  • Supply Chain Assurance
  • Product Inspections
  • Disposition
  • Reporting

Quality AuditServices Include

  • Inspection of products
  • Inspection of processes
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Inspection of projects
  • Inspection of services and many more

Why Us?

  • Cost-effective and integrated approach
  • Rich experience in Inspection
  • Use of scientific methodologies
  • Experienced inspectors
  • Thorough and stage-wide inspection