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Are yo looking for product sourcing agency in India?

MAVENS’ products sourcing agency  is aware of rapidly evolving consumer tastes and millions of suppliers around the globe and that it’s no easy task to keep on top of the latest consumer trends. Leveraging vendor partner relationships built up over the past for so many years, MAVENS’ products sourcing agency has direct access to a huge range of new and diverse product categories for our clients.

The services provided by Mavens’ sourcing agency can include selecting the right supplier, price negotiation, following up production, quality control, product compliance & testing, shipping & logistics.etc.

Products sourcing agency for buyer that desires unique, quality products and services; offering Metal Art-wares, Home Furnishings, Gifts & Premiums, Housewares, Jewelry, Accessories, Handbags, Scarves, Furniture, Rugs / Mats, Carpets, Christmas / Seasonal Products, Home Decor, Leather Products, Kitchen / Bathroom Items, Flatware / Tabletop Items etc.

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To catch up with all new product categories you can source from India visit our you tube channel. Buying agents in India just a click away.

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